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March 12, 2010

Reflexology and Acupressure workshop draws crowd at Body Mind Spirit Expo

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Reflexology and Acupressure workshop draws crowd at Body Mind Spirit Expo


We took the science of Reflexology and Acupressure to the masses and presented a workshop at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Chicago, IL in early March.

Jay Khatau giving a healing foot therapy session

After sharing our educational backgrounds, I focused in on teaching the attendees about the specific pressure points in the hands that alleviate pain and maintain healthy balance of the body–specifically spoke on sinuses (tips of the fingers), headaches (thumb), and thyroid (under the thumb on palm). 

I had a friend who was going to miss work because of terrible sinus headache and congestion.  Despite her reluctance, I went over and spent 35 minutes working on her hands and giving her reflexology therapy.  Not only did she feel completely rejuvenated, her sinus pain was almost non-existent.  I explained this to the crowd and invited them to our booth for a mini-therapy session.  Needless to say, I had many takers, especially since it’s been less than 30° in Chicago.  I think they went home happy!

My partner (and husband), Jay did Acupressure on feet.  I saw the clients oohing and aahing and falling into state of complete relaxation.  After the mini-session, Jay explained where the problems were and how to take care of them.

Ramila Khatau finishing up a hand reflexology session with a Indian Head Massage

It was a great experience for both of us.  It was especially gratifying because our techniques were so well received.  I’ve posted some of the clients’ comments that I got back from the survey below…What a wonderful weekend.

“It relaxed me and gave me a good sense of well being”–J.S.

“Excellent work, felt so relaxing and I slept like a baby that nite J”–D.B.

“It was a great session with Jay—felt light on my legs—really would recommend to friends”–J.A.

“I like the idea of learning about the procedure as I experience it”–G.P.


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