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Recently, I had the opportunity to experience  a wonderful reflexology session from Jay.   Jay made me feel welcome and comfortable during our first phone conversation.  When we met,  he took his time getting to know me and to clarify my goals.    Even before the session started, he established a strong rapport with me and earned my trust.

When the session began,  he applied a series of relaxation techniques which put me at ease.   As he applied reflexology methods to my feet, he noticed discomfort within the reflex areas corresponding to my lungs.   He spent extra time working on these reflex areas.   By discovering the issue with my shallow breathing,  Jay’s treatment helped me to breath more deeply and my subsequent exercising has been much better ever since. I am very grateful for this treatment since deep breathing is essential for healthy exercise.

In addition to the reflexology treatment,  Jay offered acupressure and Indian head massage.   Both of these treatments are fantastic compliments to an excellent reflexology session.

Jay’s deep knowledge, professional approach, and friendly demeanor are very impressive.  I highly recommend Jay for anyone who wants to improve health and enjoy each day to the fullest. Jay lives by the philosophy of his practice to Live-One-Day-At-A-Time.

Carl Gaertner
Reflexology Associate


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