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My shoulder pain is gone!
While attending the 2011 Veggie Fest in Naperville, Illinois, I noticed a reflexology booth and signed up for a quick 20 minute session.  At that time, I was a student of Naturopathy, and fully understood it’s effectiveness and credibility.
I was experiencing left shoulder discomfort and sometimes found it difficult to raise my arm without pain.  I was also aware of my “overtaxed” adrenals and sluggish liver. Almost immediately Jay noticed I had shoulder pain!   Jay never met me and I certainly didn’t offer any information about myself other than my name and e-mail (he passed my test).  I thought whoa, he’s good!  Jay also addressed my adrenals, liver and thyroid.  This further reinforced my belief in reflexology. 
I cannot recall if it was that evening or the next day, but my shoulder pain was gone!!!  I thought, could this be a coincidence, psychosomatic or was it the reflexology?  Well, I definitely didn’t think it would resolve my pain, so that “nixed” any psychosomatic energies! 
As I write this testimonial, I had recently found out my thyroid can use a little “TLC”.  It’s an advantage to find out where the body is out of balance before it becomes problematic.  Reflexology is yet another powerful, inexpensive and safe tool which can address this.
I’m not an easy person to convince, so when possible, I prefer to put alternatives to the test before recommendation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay and his lovely wife to my clients. 
As of this day………still no shoulder pain!  Stronger liver and adrenals.   Impressive!  Convincing!
Paula M. Zaloga, CNHP, ND

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